Saturday, November 13, 2010

Im Missing U

U Dont Need Me Anymore Right..U Just Need Ur Work..U No Longer Like Before,Have Time With Me..Now U Just With Ur Work & Dont Have A Little Time To Spend With Me..Early In Morning U Wake Up Straight Away U Get Ready Go To The Work And After Work,Straight Away U Went To Sleep..Deep In My Heart I Really Miss U..But Now U Only Have Time With Ur Work..Im Really Upset With U..From Now On..Focus With Ur Work K,Dont Worry I Won't Disturb U & Make U Spend Time With Me..Im Dissapointed With U..U Have Change..No Longer Ur Focus With Me But Ur Focus Only At Ur Work..If U Happy With Ur Work Than U Spend Time With Me..I Think,I Should  Just Keep What I Feel  About U Deep In My Heart..'Im Missing U' No Longer Important For U,'I Love U'  Also Same Right..Please Dont Make Me Suffer With Ur  Atitude..Now I Know,U Just Need  Me When Ur Alone Right..When U At Work,With Ur Friend..Not A Seconds My Name Will Stuck In Ur Head & Heart..But Now I Have To Sacrifice For To Make U Happy..Ur Smile Is More Important What I Feel..   Im Missing U...............

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